We make freaking awesome, art-inspired GLASS minis for disc golfers.

We re-define the function and style of using a glass mini while disc golfing. 

Please read the spec details before buying a mini - every photo you see is the exact mini you are purchasing. Each mini is unique. Please also keep in mind that are you buying a glass product. While our minis are reinforced with double layers of glass and hardened, they are susceptible to breaking.

Tournaments: (10+)
- Standard trophy (3.9 inches) - $15
- CO standard trophy special (3.9 inches) - $13

Player Pack Special: (40+)
- Micro Minis (without stamp) - $5 each

Custom Minis:
- Priced per individual order


 As you browse the available selection of minis, you will see the option to customize them. Custom designs are melted into the glass leaving one flat surface, using the copper/rust color (see below). There are two options:

1. And your name and/or PDGA number for an additional $3. 

2. Add a stamp/decal for an additional $5. 

DO NOT forget to add this to your shopping cart and e-mail us (pyrohyzer@gmail.com) your info if either of these options are something you want done to your mini.



Enjoy looking around the site!

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